Posted by Ray Philp on Feb 02, 2022
Our guest speaker at our meeting on Tuesday 1st February was Leah Adams, Waste Education Officer, City of Melville.
The City of Melville use the FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) 3-bin system.  This system is the State Government and Waste Authority's best practice waste approach, and the only system that will meet State diversion from landfill targets and material recovery targets.
The FOGO bin is for kitchen scraps and garden material which is used to create compost.  A handy way to think of FOGO material is "if it lived or grows - in it goes".  Around 50% of our household waste is food scrsps and garden organics.  The FOGO bin makes it easy for you to separate this material, so that it can be turned into compost instead of going to land fill.  The FOGO system allows recovery of more waste as a resource, diverts waste from landfill and reduces the cost of waste management.
Excellent reasons for everyone to do their bit to become proficient in using the FOGO 3-Bin System as well as understanding what, how and where to dispose of things that can't go in any bins! For additional information on what goes in each bin or disposal options: Visit or download Recycle Right from the App Store.
Leah finished with an important message as per the 'Waste Hierarchy Triangle'.  Our focus should be on Reducing, Reusing, Recycling with the last option being Disposing.
Examples of 'better options':
  • use reusable bags or containers when buying fruit, veges, meat etc
  • many products and materials can be used again
  • buy recycled
  • provide your own cup for takeaway coffee 
Leah run out of time to play the video on'What happens to the recycling?' that is well worth watching.