Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Nov 06, 2018
And, the winner of the Phantom Melbourne Cup is ...
Steve Rushforth called the Phantom Melbourne Cup at Wireless Hill Park. The Tuesday meeting included a special BBQ breakfast and a chilly morning wind. Steve Perry (known as Mr Mocha Coffee) parked his coffee van upwind to try to shield the spectators from the cold morning breeze.
Malcom Taylor was our bookie. He seemed to walk away with the money at the end of the race and the punters all wondered where the bets had gone. One of the phantom horse owners whispered something about needing to attend next Tuesday's meeting (13 November) at South of Perth Yacht Club with original stubs in hand to get the payout.
Peter  Symons told tales of 'The  Doping  of  Big  Philou' and testing both humans and animals for 'performance enhancing drugs.' Many of us mused over the use of a frog - as an early testing device. As the stories were told, we learned about the relationships between competitive substances, betting, and trainers. 
Two of our winning jockeys were absent - Bruce Jones and Andrew Bower. We will find out what they won (if anything) at the next meeting.