Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jun 30, 2018
Thank you very much, if you attended the Changeover Dinner on Thursday evening.  I hope you enjoyed the music as well as the food. If you weren’t there you missed a lovely event, expertly put together by a small team led by Lorri Brazier.
Congratulations to the new Paul Harris Fellows - four were presented with their badges and the fifth will be recognised in a few weeks time. We had a beautiful dinner. There were laughs and sighs. We said a couple goodbyes. And, we looked back and forward at the work we've done.
Click here to see photos from the evening. (More story below the photos)

Changes to the Meeting Format

There will not be a visiting speaker on Tuesday, as I want us to start getting used to a slight variation in the way our regular meetings run, and it also gives a chance for myself and the other directors to begin laying out the plans for 2018-19.  The roles of Sergeant and Host have been merged and renamed MC, and we will not be having any Heads and Tails to kick off, but will instead reaffirm our pledge to Be an Inspiration to one another and our communities.  
Be not afraid, you can still go home with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, but you will get a raffle ticket when you check in and the winning number will be drawn at the end of the meeting.
New President-Elect Barry will be the MC for the first meeting.  Barry will also be encouraging people to use gold coins to celebrate Happy Dollars, a lovely tradition at our Club.

A Silver Teapot for Change

As foreshadowed as our last meeting, we will start passing around a Silver Teapot for you to drop in those annoying 5 and 10 cent pieces in your pocket or purse, for someone to bid to win at our final meeting for 2018, so they can add their winning bid to the accumulated silver and name a Rotary Charity as beneficiary.

Directors and Club Officers for 2018-19

Ian Fairnie
Vice President
Hamish Turner
President Elect / International
Barry Mendelawitz
Executive Secretary/
Club Service
Chris Whelan
Helen Jones
Community Service
Clive Pearson
Youth / Vocational
Suresh Prabhakaran
Dale Jordan
Kenn Williams
Public Image
Kate Zappa
Liz Palmer
Risk Management
Noeleen Mazza
Advocate Editor
Shauna Kinney
Attendance Officer
Tony Haeusler
Web Master
John Hosking
Child Protection Officer
Helen Jones
IT Communications
Ray Philp
Program Chair
Lorri Brazier
Honorary Auditor
Lesley McKay