Posted on Sep 04, 2016
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
RYPEN stands for Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment which through a weekend live in seminar for up to 45 participants, aims to create in young adults an awareness of their place in and responsibility towards, society. Participants are sponsored and paid for (at a cost of around $285 pp) by the many Rotary Clubs within District 9465 who see RYPEN as a great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to youth in their community.        
Who Should Apply?
      Teenagers between fourteen and seventeen years of age who have not yet experienced leadership positions, but who have the
      potential to benefit from such exposure.
     What Does RYPEN Offer?
  • Increased motivation and improved life skills

  • Better self image and more pride in self

  • An understanding of how to set and achieve goals

  • The confidence to overcome failure and take control of the one's future

  • An opportunity to challenge personal boundaries

    What Does it Involve?
    RYPEN is an intensive programme which includes developing and implementing problem solving skills. At the same time participants from different backgrounds are interacting with each other and improving their teamwork skills. Activities may include a low ropes course, a team building course, workshops, games and more done in an informal atmosphere, where questions and debate are encouraged.
    Where is it Held?
    The camp is held at the Baptist Churches of WA-Serpentine Camping Centre, 22 Transit Road, Jarradale WA 
    When is it Held?
    The next camp is scheduled for:
  • Friday 15 September 2017 - Sunday 17th September 2017