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PRESIDENT BARRY led the warm welcome home for Ron Bower who had just arrived last night after travelling back from Sydney to Perth by road with Andrew Bower, including a stop for bushfires at Balladonia!  Barry also welcomed Applecross Member John Richards, our guest speaker.  John is one of a number of members who cannot attend breakfast meetings very often because of work commitments, so hopefully in the New Year we will have a few more evening meetings.  That said, John and other members in the same situation more than make up for their absence at breakfast by volunteering at Perth Makers’ Market and Jacaranda Festival.  In John’s case he is also able to persuade some Aquinas students to help out as well.
While Ron was technically Andrew’s guest we had another ‘technical’ guest in Cecil Aaron, who will be formally inducted into membership next week.  Perhaps we should re-induct Ron as well!
John has been involved with Red Cross for much of his life, and he was always aware it was a “very big charity” compared to say helping fund a piece of equipment for the local country hospital.
But when he was handed the responsibility of approving fundraising at Aquinas College he decided he needed to better understand the whole charity sector.
Some charities in Australia have been running for over 100 years; the oldest is a benevolent fund established in the colony of NSW around 200 years ago to look after the needs of convicts who had finished their sentences and were starting to live in a country they didn’t know.
And while many charities are licensed and some have been awarded Tax Deductibility status by the Australian Tax Office, the advent of social media has seen the unregulated sector take off – GoFundMe, Everyday Hero, HBF Run for a Reason, are just three examples.
One difficulty of comparing charities is that there is no standard for auditing them, so it is difficult to get an accurate idea of what the overhead costs are, and importantly, what percentage of the funds raised actually end up where the donor expects.
John told the story of the “little old lady” in a country town who raised money every year for a charity that had not done what she was raising money for, for 15 years!
So it is important that you know how much of the money you donate gets to where you want it to go, is used for the purpose you want to help, and in the case of Aquinas for example, the fundraising reflects the core values of the school and what it stands for.
Thanks for helping the members better understand the charity sector, John.
Lorri Brazier’s Almoner’s Report: Lesley Combes is still in the Mount Hospital (Room 332) meaning progress is slow.  Ray Wales has good and bad days at Regents Garden, while Doug Telfer is full of beans and can’t wait to get out of the South Perth Hospital Rehab unit.  Hamish Turner was discharged last night from Fiona Stanley Hospital, no further details known.
Kenn Williams reported that JacFest took up 5 pages of the Melville Herald last week with more to come this week.  Chris Whelan still needs volunteers for his roster on Saturday 23 November, and all volunteers are asked to attend a special briefing at 5.30pm next Thursday 21 November, at the Dome, Mt Pleasant.
Kenn Williams reminded members that JacFest ’19 was less than three weeks away, before paying tribute to retiring stalwart John Hosking whose work to make JacFest a success is legendary.  John is a past president of two Rotary Clubs (the other one was Kenwick), and has been a Rotarian for 45 years.  Helen Jones and Ian Fairnie are taking over the role Jan and John have played at JacFest, while Chris and Hamish Turner will take over their role with the annual Rotary Art Show at Garden City.
Mal Taylor announced the winners of the Melbourne Cup sweeps who quite properly released some of their winnings as Happy Dollars. 
They were Chris Dawson, Jan Pearson and Ray Philp in the $5 sweep and Cecil Aaron, Mal Taylor and Peter McEwen in the $2 sweep.
Ray Philp also won the heads ‘n tails thanks to Chris Whelan’s tossing, so had another reason to be happy!
John Henderson celebrated 35 years in Rotary this week.
Ron Bower was happy to be back home, John Richards became a grandfather again, Steve Perry has reconciled with his brother after many years and his pregnant daughter is coming back from Amsterdam to deliver her baby in February. 
Kenn Williams won the TAB Trifecta on the Melbourne Cup.
Little wonder we banked $48.40 from Happy Dollars this week!
Rotary Jacaranda Festival Briefing Session - IMPORTANT
JF 19 Festival is on Saturday 23 November. The volunteer fun starts at 6:00 am. 
In prior years AxR briefed volunteers early that morning: that was imperfect. In 2019 we will try a different approach.
There is a briefing for all volunteers at 5:30 pm 21 November, at the Dome Cafe at Deepwater Point. We have our own room; and also easy to get good food/drink  etc.
We hope to use Zoom, so you can also participate via that medium if you cannot attend in person. Will send out details later.
For those not involved in the "bump in” process the briefings will end within 30 minutes.
The fourth agenda item (bump in), should only take an additional 15 to 30 minutes.
Ideally many "bump in" volunteers will be present at the briefing, because knowledge of the process is key to allowing the JF19 event to start on time. History tells us  that lack of ‘bump in’ process knowledge by our volunteers during the"bump in" is the cause of many delays.
Participants from the other volunteer groups (RC Attadale, E-Club, WBSS, AxSHS)  are welcome:  they each can pass the key messages to their teams. Please pass this invitation to your volunteers.
AxR Members are asked to share this info with their partners.
1. Duty of care.
2. Personal Logistics on the day: some details.
3. Briefing: “ good public engagement ".
Those not involved in ‘bump in’  can then leave.
4. "Bump In” plan and discussion.
Click here for a list of the bump in volunteers. It shows if you should be at the meeting.

A big thank you to our local member the Hon. Ben Morton for hostong his annual SERVICE CLUB SUNDOWNER recognising the work of service clubs in his electorate. Applecross Rotary was well represented led by President Barry and Margaret.
Applications for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for 2020 have been extended to 30th November!
Application form is available online - click here
RYLA is held at the Serpentine Camping Centre from Saturday 11th January – Saturday 11th January 2020.
RSVP: Liz Palmer -
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