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Peter McEWEN
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Last week, it was great to hear an update from PDG Jodie Sparks on Rotary Foundation (RF).
In the last 12 months, RF has contributed the following:
USD39M -> communities -> primarily for Covid disease prevention
USD 16M -> peace and conflict -> primarily Ukraine
RF was a pioneer in the fight against polio and started efforts in 1978 with a very ambitious goal to reach a polio-free world. Rotarians have upheld the Region over the most challenging times, including financial and political crises. Since then, RF has contributed over USD2.1B. The result has been staggering. There are now 4 cases in 3 countries but work will not stop until this contagious disease is fully eradicated. It is estimated that over 1M people are walking freely due to the efforts of Rotary.
Jodie also outlined the Global Grants process. In 2020, USD440M globally was provided to approved projects. Our own Club has used this process to raise over USD30,000 for the Noonkopir School Abultions Project for disabled children.
RF is one of the most effective charities in the world.
PDG Jodie Sparks with host AG Kenn Williams
Jacaranda Festival 22
Planning is well underway for JacFest 22, with a committee meeting to be held at 8.45am tomorrow. This year’s event will be held on Saturday 19 November 2022.
Membership Committee Meeting
A membership committee meeting will also be held tomorrow following the JacFest 22 meeting. Membership is a critical area for all clubs, including ours, and all members are invited to attend. I encourage you to read AG Kenn’s writings on this subject in this week’s bulletin.
A forum for identifying new members is the monthly MCCC Sundowner. This month’s will be held this Wednesday 5.30-730pm at The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle. Please contact PP Ray or myself if you would like to attend.
Speaking of Sundowner’s, a special thanks to Kenn and Peta for hosting last week’s event. As usual, food and drinks were a plenty.
We look forward to hearing from Michelle Urban at tomorrow’s meeting on Jewish History in WA.

If you can assist, download the roster and advise PP Hamish Turner of your preferred days and times.
Kenyan Project Update
Erin Hegarty, founder and director of MAMA Respond, has finally been able to return to Kenya.  Applecross Rotary and Mama Respond International are working together to build a Special Needs Unit at Noonkopir Township Primary School, in Kitengela, Kenya.
Applecross Rotary, with support from several other local Rotary Clubs,  hope to obtain a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to build a ambulant toilet block for the disabled children, as a first stage of a fully functioning special needs unit at the school. The following is a recent update sent to our supporting Rotary Clubs by Applecross Rotary Project Leader, Chris Whelan. 
An update on Rotary Global Grant Application GG2233173. 
The Rotary Foundation review is almost complete. One matter remains (a supporting letter from the Kenya Ministry of Education). Erin, from Mama Respond International, is in Kenya to get that letter of support and also to progress the next stages of the project (the classrooms).
Attached YouTube clip (6.5 minutes) provides great insight to the project. I commend it to your Club members to let them know where their donations are going
It also provides lovely insight into what happens to the wheelchairs produced by "Wheelchairs for Kids”
Inflation in Kenya means that the project cost has increased by A$5,000. A request to your Rotary Club to partially support any of this additional cost? Please send donation to Applecross Rotary.
Enjoy, and if you can provide additional $ support, “thank you”.

This was the topic of an address given last week by Kero O’Shea, who now heads up Rotary Australia’s Membership team.
It was very thought provoking, highlighting the unfortunate truth that declining Rotary Club member numbers is widespread, and the combined ‘we Rotarians’ must take action in order to reverse the trend.
We only need to look locally:
In its better years, Applecross had around 50 on the books, as did Melville, and talking with the active Canning RC, they are down from around 30 to the high teens!
Other Clubs have either folded, or under pressure to do so, or combine with a neighbouring RC.
Mind you, there is always the individual Club, that for its own reasons and efforts, has gone against the broader trend. Can they hold this position?
Also, it is not by accident that in 2023 we will only have 1 Rotary District in WA! 
Kero’s address should be compulsory viewing for us all, and I will highlight a few of his points.( we don’t have to agree, but should consider key points)
1. We need to review what Rotary means in todays world, and strive to create a MODERN ROTARY, and TAKE ACTION!
Traditionally, Rotary was largely a Business leaders organization, with an emphasis on creating networking associations with likeminded, community interested folk… mainly MEN!
For the vast majority of Clubs, this no longer applies, as they truly struggle to be relevance identified, from a Membership viewpoint, within their communities.
ESSENTIAL: INVEST IN YOUR CLUB and its community relevance.
2. Clubs MUST resolve any conflicts within their group: unresolved it destroys the Club.
    (Always important to ensure consensus rules, and m/ship is kept informed!)
3. Cost of Belonging
    A $300 average annual ‘cost of belonging’, as a volunteer, is seen as a hurdle to new members joining, with approx $180 of it going towards RI fees.
What was once the Rotary  ‘Exclusive Club’ view no longer exists, and can now be viewed as a ‘tax on membership’!
Club fees charged are against the Club, and not the individual Member, and it makes sense for the Club to find ways to reduce its Member costs.
NFP organisations have an ‘accepted’ 15% cost base.. We, at Member level, pay 100% of the fixed costs of belonging.
For Example: Rockingham RC, as I understand, has annual dues of around $100-150, and dedicate an event/s for ‘growing Rotary to better serve our community’, and retaining funds raised for that purpose.
We, and other Clubs, can explore means of reducing the ‘ cost of volunteering’ to its Members, and use this as a means of attracting and holding m/ship in these cash strapped days.
4. Put a significant community CAUSE behind any new m/ship actions.
 Ballina in northern NSW was cited, where the Club took on a major community need to support reducing Domestic Violence. With Community and Police support, their m/ship has grown to OVER 90 Members!! The community became involved and Rotary was a real winner!
5. Utilise the Rotary Learning Centre as a resource. Kero stated that there is a direct correlation with improved m/ship where a Club promotes the resource, and its Members are thus better informed on the opportunities presented.
6. When working with our community to encourage an interest in the wonderful project work that we undertake, and then join with us as volunteers, we should not overlook the opportunity to form ‘other’ Rotary groups… Satellite ‘local interest’ clubs, Rotoract or School based Clubs. These are listed under the ‘parent’ Club.
The Question for AxR: what do we want to achieve with m/ship growth, what is our market, and how do we go about it.
We are holding a Membership Committee meeting following our Club meeting tomorrow, and our plan is to find solutions to this ‘common’ Rotary problem.
Please give this some thought and be prepared to support.
As AG, I do want to see this developed as a Zone project and it is listed for progress at our Zone meeting next week.
My thoughts, along with those presented recently, same topic….Kenn.
Membership Voice library is loaded with great examples of evidence-based successful club building, based on what successful clubs and districts do.  In this webinar, I've distilled some of the key lessons from the library to share with you as you prepare for another Rotary year.

You CAN grow your club - if you act!

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May 03, 2022 7:30 AM
Jewish History in WA
Jewish History in WA

Michelle Urban OAM is Vice-President of the Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society of Western Australia Inc (JHGS-WA).  The JHGS-WA was formed out of a merger of the former WA Jewish Historical Society.  It was founded for the pursuit and promotion of Jewish Western Australian history and genealogy (family history), and research.

May 10, 2022 7:30 AM
Mental Health First Aid
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