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Peter McEWEN
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Last week, we heard from Michelle Urban OAM who provided us with a comprehensive history of Jewish contributions to Western Australia (WA). The first Jews arrived in Perth in the early 1820’s but it was not until 1887 when the first Jewish community formed in Fremantle. Elias Soloman, an auctioneer, and grocery and wine merchant, became Mayor of Fremantle and is associated with buildings such as The Fremantle Town Hall, the Markets and Fremantle Hospital, to name a few. WA’s Jewish community has made a significant contribution to our state.
Incoming secretary & PE Tom Atkinson, Michelle Urban & President Peter McEwen
Membership Committee
Our membership committee met last week and a follow up meeting will be held tomorrow. We are planning to tackle the area of membership in three areas. Please read AG Kenn’s writings in this week’s bulletin.
Art Show 13-19 June 2022
Planning is proceeding for this year’s event and our coordinator Hamish advises that registrations for the Art Show are now open.
If you know an artist who wishes to display their creations, please direct them to the following site.
Registration is now open. Please register here:
Working Together
It great to see our Rotary clubs working together.
Following are some dates in our calendar.
10 May – Zone 1 RC meeting with focus on membership
17 May – joint evening meeting with Booragoon RC
29 May – Perth Makers Market with volunteer support from Attadale   
                   RC and E Club
7 June –  joint introductory virtual meeting with Washington RC PA
                  commencing 7am. Aim is to undertake joint community
                  projects in Kenya. International director Chris will update
                  the meeting.
We look forward to hearing from Phillippa Henderson at tomorrow’s meeting on Mental Health First Aid. 
If you can assist, download the roster and advise PP Hamish Turner of your preferred days and times.
Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and continuing on membership
Chamber President Tony Romano welcoming attendees at Business After Hours hosted by The Esplanade 
Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce Business Sundowner.
Ray, Logan and I attended the CoC Business Sundowner at ‘The Esplanade’, in Fremantle last Wed evening, and enjoyed both the hospitality and the opportunity to network the Rotary story with the diverse mix of business folk present.
I spoke with many who, whilst understanding the role of community volunteering and Rotary, didn’t know too much about how we went about it, how they may become involved or really, whether that is what they were would be prepared to commit too.
The old ‘what’s in it for me’, in todays difficult world of commercial realities, is the key to tapping the opportunities, and we need to look at this as part of our Membership offers.
How can we present a compelling offer?
For example, hosting a joint CoC Sundowner in Applecross/Melville, and having the centrepiece as THE BENEFITS OF COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING with Rotary.
We would need a professional, quality presentation, and back this with perhaps regular Business Leader Guest AxR speaker activities, …  again sponsoring our Business and Apprenticeship Awards, …. and helping business better appreciate the  ‘what’s in it for me’ business Community ‘give-back’ experience.
All of this can fit our plans for new Members, but, as always, it demands a CHAMPION to make it happen! 
Any offers?
Lots of ideas tossed around at our M/ship meeting last week, and we hope to make some planning progress after tomorrow mornings meeting.
AGREED: Yes, there is the need for a change in how we approach attracting ‘newbies’ but this is not about changing the traditional values of AxR as an organisation.
Our strengths must not be underscored or taken for granted.
Rather, we look at our changing world and see how we might adapt our offer, as a community volunteer organisation, to the needs of todays community expectations of ‘giving back’.
1.  YOUTH. Logan is to present his ideas around engaging with the younger age groups, such as Rotoract, and the new business professionals. 
2. OVER 30’s.   Tom is keen to develop opportunities for the over 30’s, perhaps already community engaged, with families etc and busy lives to be attracted to AxR 
For each group, the plan is to answer the ‘what’s in it for me’ and perhaps remove some of the current Rotary traditions. Get them interested and give them relevance in an AxR role.
3.  THE OPPORTUNITIES.  Attracting interest in what i summarised last week’s Advocate as MODERN ROTARY.
 These ideas were covered under Member and Club setting, our Market Place, and our Opportunities.  ( includes the CoC intro above)
Nothing really different, rather, how we go about it.
Interestingly, Elizabeth Quay Rotary, often mentioned for its younger interests and Rotary commitment, has identified Projects and Membership as its 2 core objectives, with EVERY member, a M/ship officer!! 
Totally different concept, but its certainly working for them!
Lots of work to be done in our Rotary world to ensure that WE don’t, in a combined sense, go the way of the dinosaur!
Hopefully we can work with our neighbouring Clubs and help achieve better outcomes for our community and its volunteering!
My thoughts…
The Game ROUND 8

Clivo still in the lead!


Who picked what! 


Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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Breakfast Meeting 10th May 2022
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EVENING Meeting 17th May with Booragoon Rotary
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Breakfast Meeting 24th May 2022
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Breakfast Meeting 31st May 2022
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Rotary Art Show and Sale
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Jun 13, 2022 – Jun 19, 2022
Manning Rippers Football Club
Jul 06, 2022
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
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May 10, 2022 7:30 AM
Mental Health First Aid
Mental Health First Aid

Phillippa is committed to empowering communities and breaking down the stigma of mental health. She travels to remote and regional areas to bring workshops and critical conversations to communities.

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