Welcome to our Club!
We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:15 am
DOME Deep Water Point
100 The Esplanade
Mount Pleasant, WA 6153
0433 117 568
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Meets Tuesdays 7.00 am for 7.30 am

Dome Café, Deep Water Point, Mt Pleasant


At our weekly meetings we enjoy an excellent program of interesting speakers, reports on Club projects, plans for upcoming social events and especially fellowship with members and visitors. As our members and visitors have other commitments our meetings finish on time at 8.30am.


We welcome you to a Rotary Club of Applecross meeting to meet some of our more than 40 members who work and live in Applecross and surrounding areas, work in a variety of vocations and share a commitment to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally. We enjoy the fun, fellowship and friendships of our members during our meetings, social events and whilst contributing to our project teams and witnessing the value of these projects. With your involvement, skills, experience and assistance, we could accomplish even more.


We promote families and work commitments, then Rotary work including the enjoyment that comes when sharing community engagement with like minded people.