Posted by Ian FAIRNIE
“One person may not be able to change the world but we can change the world for one person – how good is that?”
As well as having the world’s largest water slide in an Australian rural town, and an annual Bush Racing Weekend in October (already sold out for 2019), complete with tin horses, there is also Camp Kulin, and Tanya had come along to tell us all about it!
Tanya founded Camp Kulin in 2013, which hosts summer camps for kids from anywhere, school camps, and “scholarship camps” for kids needing special attention.  These kids have often had a traumatic life but in the process of learning resilience and other positive skills, one of the joys for Tanya is having some of them come back as volunteers a few years later, helping similar kids.  There is a 3-year waiting list to go on one of these special needs camps, so clearly there is a need to get bigger, sooner, and not just at Kulin.
And why Kulin?  Because the Shire wants to make it work, and they have the funds to enable this to happen, picking up as many running costs as it can.  In turn Tanya believes in giving back, so Camp Kulin sources everything she can from local businesses.
The cost for a kid to attend Camp Kulin is $395, which pays for everything, and while Tanya didn’t ask us to help some kids attend, we know she’d be very grateful if we did. The whisper is, we will!
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