Applecross Rotary is a club of some 40 female and male members whose ages range from the 20’s to 80’s. Our professions, businesses, backgrounds and cultures are diverse. Our members are, or have been, involved in a range of businesses, education, services and industries. Our professions include engineers, farmers, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, dentists, scientists, accountants.
We have members with expertise in public relations, computing, health and safety, project management and extensive experience in mining, mineral processing, agriculture and retail and specialist businesses. We enjoy the fun, fellowship and friendships of our members during our meetings, social events and whilst contributing to our project teams and witnessing the value of these projects.   
Rotary membership provides you the opportunity to serve others, an opportunity to network, to gain project experience and personal development opportunities and to build enduring friendships. We welcome new members and invite interested persons to contact us and visit us at one of our meetings on Tuesday mornings at the Dome Café, Deep Water Point, Mt Pleasant, 7.30 am to 8.30am.