Have you heard about antimocrobial resistance? What about superbugs? Through #OneHealth we're working to improve wellbeing - through knowledge and through the simple act of handwashing.
Applecross Rotary supports the goals of AMR Aware, to increase community awareness and understanding of the “clear and present danger” from increasing resistance of disease causing agents to all current drugs available for treatment of infections.  The short video commissioned by AMR Aware Inc. and produced by Front Porch Films, provides a clear visual statement of the reality of the danger that exists and several simple things each of us can do to reduce the likelihood that someone we love will die from an untreatable infection.  The video will be freely available for Rotary clubs and Rotarians to spread the word of how simple it is to reduce the impact of drug resistant infectious agents, and more importantly stimulate the action required, as a matter of great urgency.  As Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer of the UK succinctly stated - we can forget Climate Change; we’ll all be dead from untreatable infections before climate change affects us!.
l-r: Margaret Mendelawitz, Helen James, Beryl Telfer, Helen Dawson, Ann Kelly, President Barry Mendelawitz, Membership Director Kenn Williams, Kate Zappa, David Palmer, Heather Inglis, Helen Henderson, Peta Williams.
New Associate members were presented with their badges and welcomed to Applecross Rotary at a special meeting on 18th September 2019. Several new Associate Members were unable to attend and will receive their badges at a later date. 
Welcome Associate Members John Hosking 2019-09-22 16:00:00Z 0
This award acknowledges a person, who in the eyes of the nominator, displays outstanding qualities with respect to attitude, approach, dedication and commitment. It covers all aspects of work performance and ethics, including quality of output, safety, initiative and sense of responsibility.
Nominations are sought, at any time, from an employer or by a member of the public and should be sent to the Applecross Rotary Director in Charge of Community Service.
Pride of Workmanship John HOSKING 2019-09-19 16:00:00Z 0
A Pride of Workmanship was awarded to Wendy Hiddlestone on 18th September 2019
Wendy Huddlestone and Lorri Brazier
This award acknowledges someone whose work performance displays outstanding qualities with respect to attitude, approach, dedication and commitment. It covers work performance and ethics, including customer service, quality of output, safety, initiative and sense of responsibility.
Pride of Workmanship September 2019 John Hosking 2019-09-18 16:00:00Z 0
Superbug Seminar serves up shock statistics 
Ever considered a world where a simple scratch could lead to death? The rise and fall of antimicrobial resistance means this is a very real possibility - and as early as 2050.
Guest Speakers at the Superbug Seminar
Spotlight on Health John Hosking 2019-09-16 16:00:00Z 0
Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli from Occupational Therapy at Curtin University showed how trials are showing how Virtual Reality (VR) technology enables people, who have suffered major injuries to the brain and/or spinal cord, speed up their rehabilitation.
Virtual Reality for Injury Rehabilitation John Hosking 2019-09-09 16:00:00Z 0
Applecross Rotary joined with donors from St Michael’s Church in Mt Pleasant to donate over 50 sleeping bags made by impoverished villagers at the Stiches of Hope facility in in Cambodia. These sleeping bags were donated to Anglicare Street Connect for local distribution. Support was also provided to ‘Foodbank’.
Winter Partnerships John Hosking 2019-09-06 16:00:00Z 0
GUEST SPEAKER MARINA CICCARELLI: Use it or lose it - The consequences of spinal cord injury Ian FAIRNIE 2019-09-03 16:00:00Z 0
In July 2019 Applecross Rotary was recognised as an Emerald Club Supporter having contributed over $10,000 to ShelterBox Australia. Applecross Rotary has been a regular contributor for many years.
ShelterBox Australia supports international efforts by providing shelter, warmth, light and dignity to many families adversely affected by humanitarian disasters throughout the world. 
ShelterBox 2019 John HOSKING 2019-08-05 16:00:00Z 0
Applecross Rotary supported the National Tree Day Community Planting Day on 28 July 2019 organised by the City of Melville. Applecross Rotary members and family helped with the Planting and with the barbeque lunch.
3000 seedlings were planted around the Booragoon Lake by 100 community volunteers and City of Melville staff. 
Community Planting Day 2019 John HOSKING 2019-07-31 16:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Applecross supports planting projects which improve the native plant areas along the Swan River and in the native bush areas of the City of Melville.  It also gives the community the opportunity to participate in the protection of their environment.
Over 3000 seedlings were planted around the Booragoon Lake on 28th July 2019 by over 100 volunteers at the National Tree Planting Day organised by the City of Melville. Applecross Rotary members and family helped with the planting and with the barbeque lunch.
Community Planting Days John Hosking 2019-07-30 16:00:00Z 0
The annual Rotary Art Exhibition, a joint project of the Melville and Applecross Rotary Clubs, is held each year in a central area of the Garden City Shopping Complex. This Art Exhibition allows artists to display their paintings to a large number of people and hopefully sell one or more their paintings. The entry charge and sale commission are used to offset the exhibition costs. The profits are used by the Rotary Clubs for community projects. Members and friends of the Rotary Clubs set up the exhibition, provide the security and sell the paintings.
Art Exhibitions John HOSKING 2019-07-09 16:00:00Z 0
The 2019 annual Rotary Art Exhibition and Sale, a joint project of the Melville and Applecross Rotary Clubs, was from Monday 17 June to Sunday 23 June in the Garden City Shopping Complex during the Centre's standard opening hours.  
2019 Rotary Art Show and Sale John HOSKING 2019-06-12 16:00:00Z 0
Applecross Rotary is a club of some 40 female and male members whose ages range from the 20’s to 80’s. Our professions, businesses, backgrounds and cultures are diverse. Our members are, or have been, involved in a range of businesses, education, services and industries. Our professions include engineers, farmers, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, dentists, scientists, accountants.
We have members with expertise in public relations, computing, health and safety, project management and extensive experience in mining, mineral processing, agriculture and retail and specialist businesses. We enjoy the fun, fellowship and friendships of our members during our meetings, social events and whilst contributing to our project teams and witnessing the value of these projects.   
Our members John HOSKING 2019-05-14 16:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 14, 2019
At our weekly meetings we enjoy an excellent program of interesting speakers, reports on Club projects, plans for upcoming social events and especially fellowship with members and visitors. As our members and visitors have other commitments our meetings finish on time at 8.30am.
Join Us at Our Meeting jwh 2019-05-13 16:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 20, 2019
RYPEN stands for Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment which through a weekend live in seminar for up to 45 participants, aims to create in young adults an awareness of their place in and responsibility towards, society.  Applecross Rotary sponsors and pays for selected participates who see RYPEN as a great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to youth in their community.      
Participants are aged between fourteen and seventeen years of age who have not yet experienced leadership positions but who have the potential to benefit from :
  • Increased motivation and improved life skills
  • Better self image and more pride in self

  • An understanding of how to set and achieve goals

  • The confidence to overcome failure and take control of the one's future

  • An opportunity to challenge personal boundaries 

RYPEN is an intensive programme which includes developing and implementing problem solving skills. At the same time participants from different backgrounds are interacting with each other and improving their teamwork skills. Activities may include a low ropes course, a team building course, workshops, games and more done in an informal atmosphere, where questions and debate are encouraged.

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment jwh 2019-03-19 16:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lorri BRAZIER on Mar 20, 2019
The Applecross Rotary supports the Starick Refuge in Western Australia. This is a story of a 7-year old artist who benefitted from support from Starick and our Club.
Starick Artist Bella Lorri BRAZIER 2019-03-19 16:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 20, 2019
Starick is a not for profit organisation which provides multi-layered support services in Perth’s south-east metropolitan area to women and children experiencing family and domestic violence. Starick’s services include two refuges for women with children, supported community housing, court support, advocacy, children’s programs, community outreach services and an Op Shop. Applecross Rotary commenced support of Starick in 2016/17 with Malcolm Taylor and Lorri Brazier as Project Leaders. The work done by Lorri and Malcolm, and their support teams, has been carefully and sensitively undertaken and is leading to a trust being established between Starick, Applecross Rotary and the residents, most of whom have endured violence from their partners.
Starick John HOSKING 2019-03-19 16:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 17, 2019

Saturday 28 November 2020 - 9.30am - 3.30pm

On the fourth Saturday in November Applecross Rotary will once again take over a much-loved section of Ardross Street, in the heart of Applecross Village, to deliver a fantastic, family-friendly day of fun and entertainment.
Rotary Jacaranda Festival 2019-03-16 16:00:00Z 0


Applecross Rotary's Rotary Jacaranda Festival is held each November. It was held in Heathcote Applecross in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Due to insurance issues there was no Festival in 2003.  It has been held in the Applecross Village in Ardross Street, Applecross each year since 2004.

Rotary Jacaranda Festival history John HOSKING 2019-03-16 16:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 16, 2019
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is a challenging 7-day program which provides a unique opportunity for leadership skills development. Rotary supports young people between the ages of 18 and 28 who have the talent, energy and motivation to discover their leadership potential!. More information is available.
Applecross Rotary seeks nominations from young adults with proven leadership experience and potential leaders from diverse backgrounds. The seminar program, which is run each January, has a strong focus on personal and leadership development. Nominations close in November. Interested young people are encouraged to contact the Club’s Youth Director.
    Rotary Youth Leadership Award jwh 2019-03-15 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Mar 16, 2019

     National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)




    The National Youth Science Forums are two-week programs in January at Universities around Australia. The forum is for students moving into Year 12 who are thinking about a career in science, engineering and technology. The program has attracted over 10,000 students since its inception.


    Students are introduced to research and researchers, by encouraging the achievement of excellence in all their undertakings and by helping to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. It also fosters discussion of and interest in major national and global issues and emphasises the importance of maintaining continuing active interest in sport, arts and music. More information is available.


    Interested Young people who live or go to school in the City of Melville are invited to contact the Club’s Youth Director for more information.

    National Youth Science Forum jwh 2019-03-15 16:00:00Z 0

    Rapid disease detection saves lives in Sri Lanka

    Story by Dr Enoka Corea MD PhD and PDG John Kevan
    Teaching Hospital Jaffna Laboratory 
    Observing PCR equipment in operation.
    Rear.   Dr Enoka Corea, University of Colombo, PP Nadaraja Saravanapavan,
     RC Colombo South,  Dr Rajanthi Ramachandran, now Consulting Microbiologist.
    In chair.   Mark Mithulan, Microbiology Laboratory Technician.
    Rapid disease detection saves lives in Sri Lanka  Ray PHILP 2019-03-10 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Feb 26, 2019
    Madeline Haines and Stephanie Tory attended NYSF
    Today's meeting highlighted the investment Applecross Rotary is making to Tomorrow's leaders. We listened to presentations from the two students who attended the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra last January, our attendee at the RYLA camp, plus an update on the (re)establishment of a local Rotaract Club in the City of Melville.
    Focus on Youth Ian FAIRNIE 2019-02-25 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Nov 24, 2018
    Rotarians Tim Inglis, Jarrad Hall, Jamie Kelly, and Murray McKay welcomed visitors to the Rotary Jacaranda Festival.
    Rotary Jacaranda Festival 2018 Shauna KINNEY 2018-11-23 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Logan DUNCAN-SMITH on Nov 13, 2018
    The Applecross Rotary Club is sponsoring 2 adults age 18-28 years old to attend the 7-day RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) seminar.
    The deadline to apply is:
    15 November 2019
    The RYLA seminar will be held:
    Jan 11, 2020 – Jan 18, 2020 
    Nominations Open for Rotary Youth Leadership Award Logan DUNCAN-SMITH 2018-11-12 16:00:00Z 0
    And, the phantom cup winner is -- Shauna KINNEY 2018-11-05 16:00:00Z 0
    Aquinas College Service to Anawim John RICHARDS 2018-10-30 16:00:00Z 0
    Know a Young Scientist or Young Leader? Suresh PRABHAKARAN 2018-10-25 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Suresh PRABHAKARAN on Oct 23, 2018
    Pictured above Suresh Prabhakaran - Applecross Rotary Youth Director, Logan Duncan-Smith - Applecross Rotary, Carmel Costin - Yidarra Catholic Primary School, Daine Burnett - St Pius X Primary School, and Cath Parry - Bateman Primary School.
    Microscopes in Schools Suresh PRABHAKARAN 2018-10-22 16:00:00Z 0
    More than 160 stallholders confirmed for this year's Rotary Jacaranda Festival! Kate ZAPPA 2018-10-13 16:00:00Z 0
    What do Rotaractors do? Dale JORDAN 2018-10-10 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Helen JONES-FAIRNIE on Oct 01, 2018
    Helen Jones attended the meeting at RC Como where she was hosted by Rotarian Don Swift, a distinguished chemist formerly with CSIRO.  
    Como is the largest Club in District 9465 with over 50 members, meeting Monday evenings at the Royal Perth Golf Club.  
    Scatter Meeting Como Rotary Helen JONES-FAIRNIE 2018-09-30 16:00:00Z 0
    Pride of Workmanship Award to Ash Chambers Ian FAIRNIE 2018-09-24 16:00:00Z 0


    Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia. It also provide funding into a broad range of general health areas, provide scholarships for rural medical and nursing students, as well as Indigenous health students. Australian Rotary Health provides funding into areas of health that do not readily attract funding and promotes findings to the community. It is a project supported by Australian Rotary Clubs with a broad vision to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians. Australian Rotary Health provides funding into research areas of Mental Health, General Health and Indigenous Health and provides Rural Medicine and Nursing Scholarships.

    Australian Rotary Health John HOSKING 2018-09-23 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Sep 13, 2018


    Since Rotary and its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative nearly 30 years ago, the incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year to just 37 cases in 2016. On 15 August, 2018, Rotary announced nearly $100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio.
    Poliomyelitis is a highly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of 5. Most know it as poliovirus. The virus is spread person to person, typically through contaminated water. It can attack the nervous system, and in some instances, lead to paralysis. Although there is no cure, there is a safe and effective vaccine – one which Rotary and our partners are using to immunize over 2.5 billion children worldwide.
    Polio Eradication John HOSKING 2018-09-12 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by John RICHARDS on Sep 11, 2018
    The Philippine Justice Immersion is a fourteen-day immersion experience from Friday 4th- Friday 18th January 2019. The trip is for those interested in exploring the work of Catholic ministries in Manila and Christian Brothers projects in Negros Occidental.
    Philippines Justice Immersion 2019  John RICHARDS 2018-09-10 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Sep 02, 2018
    We are extremely fortunate to have some incredible local businesses who are passionate about supporting the our work - including the hugely successful Rotary Jacaranda Festival, held each November when the trees are in full bloom
    Our Supporters 2018-09-01 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Hamish TURNER on Aug 29, 2018
    Having seen the article on Polio in the RC –AA   and in particular the photo of the hospital ward – sent me on a   “..trip down memory lane..” I lived through a Polio outbreak in Durban (South Africa) in 1956/57.
    Polio Outbreak in South Africa Hamish TURNER 2018-08-28 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Aug 28, 2018
    Iggy Tan explains how stopping the craving for happiness brings us peace and happiness. Sounds a little counter-intuitive? Read some of what he said (but we might not give away the final secret).
    Why Stop Craving Happiness? Shauna KINNEY 2018-08-27 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Aug 21, 2018
    One of our local businesses, Intense Health, came to breakfast to explain how to quickly stay fit at any age. Marcelo, the owner talked about how technology is helping speed up workouts for each stage of our lives.
    Tony, Bruce, and Andrew captivated by the meeting (and the Happy Dollars).
    Fast Fitness at Any Age Shauna KINNEY 2018-08-20 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Aug 07, 2018
    Ben Morton, Federal MP for Tangney talks about starting in politics at the age of 12 years old. He shared his story of how the youth of his home town came together to solve serious local issues. He's added a couple more decades of experience.
    Ben Morton MP Leadership Starts Young Shauna KINNEY 2018-08-06 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Jul 31, 2018
    Guest speaker Rhonda Chapman explained how to fit Autistic employees into a long, productive career. Her goal is to help employers make small changes to include employees in the Autism spectrum in their business.
    Taking on Autistic Employees Shauna KINNEY 2018-07-30 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ray PHILP on Jul 28, 2018
    Are your contact details current in our Applecross Rotary database? We are here to help you keep in touch with our activities.
    Are your details current? Ray PHILP 2018-07-27 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Suresh PRABHAKARAN on Jul 21, 2018
    Melville Rotaract Western Australia
    Pictured: Adam Luce, Suresh Prabhakaran, Rahul Suresh and Dale Jordan
    Applecross Rotary is starting up Melville's new Rotaract Club. Actually -- restarting a long-dormant club, but what is old is new and so needed in among our young professionals.
    Melville's New Rotaract Club - At Your Service! Suresh PRABHAKARAN 2018-07-20 16:00:00Z 0
    Business Networking with Kenwick Rotary Shauna KINNEY 2018-07-14 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Suresh PRABHAKARAN on Jul 12, 2018
    We are starting up a new Rotaract Club within the City of Melville! Applecross Rotary would like to invite you – and others in your network – to attend the inaugural Meet and Greet Lunch and Rotaract Information Session on Saturday 21 July. 
    Melville Rotaract Start Up Suresh PRABHAKARAN 2018-07-11 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jul 01, 2018
    Applecross Rotary will start collecting non-perishable groceries to donate to hungry families in Perth. Donate items like the ones pictured in this photo (nothing costs more than $4 and many of the items cost a dollar or less).
    Giva' Damn Giva' Can Ian FAIRNIE 2018-06-30 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jun 30, 2018
    Thank you very much, if you attended the Changeover Dinner on Thursday evening.  I hope you enjoyed the music as well as the food. If you weren’t there you missed a lovely event, expertly put together by a small team led by Lorri Brazier.
    Rotary 2018 - Be the Inspiration Ian FAIRNIE 2018-06-29 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 27, 2018
    Russian Hospital Hygiene Project in Cambodia
    In Australia, we often take sanitation and hygiene standards for granted, especially in our hospitals. However, it was discovered that at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital (known locally as 'the Russian Hospital') in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it's a very different situation.
    Government funding is not available for the work required to provide minimum sanitation hygiene in the wards and corridors of the buildings throughout the complex, which was built for 500 patients but usually has more than 620 patients, 1000 staff and many visitors.
    This project resulted from a request for assistance to the poorest of the public hospitals in the country.
    Health professionals know that simple, effective hand washing is the first step to stop the spread of infection.  The project benefits for the patients, staff and visitors in this hospital will be measured by the lower number of reported infections and reduced hospital bed days.
    Russian Hospital Cambodia Hygiene Project 2017 jwh 2018-06-26 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 27, 2018

    Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)


    The Rotary Youth Exchange Program provides for the selection and sponsorship of students in the 15 -18 year age group to travel to another country to spend twelve months attending a secondary school and living with host families in that country.

    Rotary Youth Exchange jwh 2018-06-26 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 26, 2018


    Handicamp: A week full of fun and challenges, and a lifetime of experiences.


    Handicamp provides an opportunity for young people with a disability between the ages of 18-35, to attend a one-week live-in camp assisted by staff and buddies. Applications open on 1 October for the camp which is held in mid-January of the following year for both campers and buddies.


    What is Handicamp?
    Handicamp is a week long live in camp for 18 to 35 year old people with disability, who are teamed with a "buddy" for a week of fun and adventure. The camp is based on double participation and reward, supervised by a volunteer Rotary committee and nursing support.
    Interested Young people who live, go to school or work in the City of Melville are invited to contact the Club’s Youth Director.
    Handicamp jwh 2018-06-25 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 26, 2018
    The annual Rotary Art Exhibition, a joint project of the Melville and Applecross Rotary Clubs, allows artists to display their paintings to a large number of people and hopefully sell one or more their paintings.
    Over the lat25 year
    Applecross and Melville Rotary Clubs Art Exhibitions jwh 2018-06-25 16:00:00Z 0
    Mental Health Project jwh 2018-06-25 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 26, 2018
    The Applecross Rotary Club is one of 42 Rotary Clubs in Rotary District 9465. These Clubs are south of the Swan River in Perth and in WA south of a line from Perth to Kalgoorlie.


    Rotary District 9465 Key Contacts jwh 2018-06-25 16:00:00Z 0
    The objective of this Australian wide Australian Rotary Health program is to assist indigenous students undertake a course in a range of health-related professions. To be eligible the student must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin and undertaking and enrolled in an appropriate approved medical or heath related degree. In the selection criteria preference is given to those who have completed successfully at least the first year of tertiary education. In each year there are approximately 80 scholarships are awarded. The scholarship is $5,000 per year.
    Applecross Rotary supported a Scholarship in 2017 and has committed to a further $1,500 for 2018 which will support Monique Lucas who is in the final year of a medical degree at the University of Western Australia.
    AR Indigenous Health Scholarship John Hosking 2018-06-22 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jun 17, 2018

    Learn how to make your own beautiful fettuccini with a special masterclass with renowned Chef Vince Garreffa. This is a fundraiser and cooking class to benefit rural education for kids in Bali.

    Fettuccini Class and Fundraiser 9 July Ian FAIRNIE 2018-06-16 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jun 16, 2018
    Applecross Rotary teamed up with Aquinas College to give the Starick Refuge a clean up. Michael Hardie, Declan Jeffreys, and Harry Wessels helped Rotarians fix up the garden this weekend.
    Photo credit: Oliver Basson
    Starick Refuge Garden Clean Up Ian FAIRNIE 2018-06-15 16:00:00Z 0
    A Tribute to Liz Westoby Shauna KINNEY 2018-06-14 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Shauna KINNEY on Jun 12, 2018

    Jeffrey Effendi and Angel Chen from DrawHistory spoke at the Tuesday 12 June breakfast meeting. We learned about how to brand social entrepreneurial programs.

    Angel Chen and Jeffrey Effendi from DrawHistory, Rotarian Jason Tay, and PE Ian Fairnie

    DrawHistory - What is Social Branding? Shauna KINNEY 2018-06-11 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ian FAIRNIE
    Mercy Care is a Social Enterprise, one of around 50 providers offering services to older people in the Perth metropolitan area, as well as disability services and child care in addition to aged care. Sam Spiro is the Business Development Manager shared her experience from Mercy Care’s Aged Care Services.  
    Ray Philp and Samantha Spiro at Applecross Rotary
    Ray Philp and guest speaker Samantha Spiro
    Mercy Care's Aged Care Services Ian FAIRNIE 2018-06-05 16:00:00Z 0
    5 June 2018 Newsletter - Applecross Advocate Shauna KINNEY 2018-06-04 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 03, 2018
    The Applecross Advocate is getting a new look for the 2018-2019 season.
    Applecross Rotary President Elect Ian Fairnie and Rotarian Kate Zappa incorporated a fresh new look into the masthead and footer.
    New Look for the 2018-19 Applecross Advocate Shauna KINNEY 2018-06-02 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Apr 30, 2018
    Does your business have a vision to deliver a social impact?
    The Rotary Shark Tank is a competition among businesses working in the social initiatives in Western Australia. The Rotary Shark Tank is run by local Rotary Clubs. 
    Are You Bait for the 2019 Rotary Shark Tank? Shauna KINNEY 2018-04-29 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Apr 05, 2018
    The Annual Applecross Rotary Community and Business Awards evening at Tompkins on Swan on 3 April 2018 recognised seven local residents for their work in our community.
    Greg Collins, Margot Whittington, Applecross Rotary President Chris Whelan, Committee Chair Gordon Dunbar, Jackie Omedei, Matthew Podesta with Peter Zambotti’s Award, Trish Halvorsen, Bert Giancristofaro, Michael Jackson and the Hon. Dean Nalder.
    2018 Community and Business Awards jwh 2018-04-04 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Feb 11, 2018
    Greg Collins, Margot Whittington, Chris Whelan, Gordon Dunbar, Jackie Omedei, Matthew Podesta with Peter Zambotti’s Award, Trish Halvorsen, Bert Giancristofaro, Michael Jackson and the Hon. Dean Nalder.
    2018 Community and Business Awards News jwh 2018-02-10 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Feb 04, 2018
    The Applecross Rotary inaugural Rotary Shark Tank Event was held on 7 March 2018. Four of the finalists presented their pitch for support to a panel of Sharks. Pictured above are (L-R) Kohen Grogan and Dylan Smith (Sharks), Geraldine Maddrell and Stuart McLay (Finalists), Ian Costley and Deborah Barker (Sharks), and Darren Lomman and Kirsten Shearn (Finalists).
    News: Rotary Shark Tank 2018 jwh 2018-02-03 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Nov 27, 2017
    The 2017 Rotary Jacaranda Festival was held Saturday 25 November in Ardross Street, Applecross.
    Perfect weather, over 145 stalls, 2 entertainment stages, a food area, children's  area and many thousands of visitors - in fact it was our biggest event to date!


    Rotary Jacaranda Festival 2017 jwh 2017-11-26 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jul 13, 2017
    TRUE BLUE DREAMING PROJECTTrue Blue Dreaming, is committed to supporting and strengthening young lives in rural and remote Australian communities.
    Supported 2016 - 17 2017-07-12 16:00:00Z 0
    Supported 2015 - 16 2017-07-12 16:00:00Z 0
    Community and Business Awards 2017 jwh 2017-02-08 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jan 20, 2017

    VALE Professor Ray Wales

    Ray was the first of our longer serving members to speak at Club breakfasts. It's an initiative we're undertaking having realised that many members may know little of their secret past. 

    Applecross Rotary - Legends on the Record 2017-01-19 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Dec 01, 2016
    Awash with purple, Ardross Street in Applecross Village came alive on Saturday 26 November for our much-loved Rotary Jacaranda Festival.
    Despite the heat – it reached a scorching 38 degrees – more than 8,000 people came together for the biggest event we’ve put on to date.
    Rotary Jacaranda Festival jwh 2016-11-30 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Oct 28, 2016


    The Rotary Club of Applecross is seeking applications for 2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Applications close on 30th November 2016.
    RYLA Contact 2016-10-27 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Sep 03, 2016

    Rotary in WA Driver Education (RWADE)


    Rotary in WA Driver Education is a program adopted by Rotary Clubs in both Districts 9455 and 9465. It is the strong preference of WA Police, RAC, and other supporting organisations that a common approach across WA be implemented and that it be subject to continuous improvement.

    Rotary in WA Driver Education jwh 2016-09-02 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Aug 15, 2016
    On Sunday July 30th, the City of Melville held their 2017 Planting Day at the Jeff Joseph Reserve in Applecross. Kate Zappa from the Rotary Club of Applecross produced promotional materials; the call was answered by 60 volunteers from Aquinas College, Waylen Bay Sea Scouts, Rotaract Club of South Perth, Rotary Club of Elizabeth Quay, Rotary Club of Applecross and the general community.
    Applecross Community Planting jwh 2016-08-14 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Aug 12, 2016
    Birthing Clinic external area to the left of the main entrance
    Funding was obtained in 2014 from the Rotary Club of Applecross, a Rotary District 9465 Grant, the Rotary Club of Dili in Timor-Leste and The Cooperative Café Timor. The Clinic treats over 1000 general and maternity patients each year of the 12,000 persons in the area who use the facility. Maternity and infant mortality rates in Timor-Leste are amongst the highest in south east Asia with only 18% attended by skilled birth personnel and only 22% take place in a health facility.
    The Birthing Clinic at the Cooperative Café Timor in the rural area of Aifu in Timor-Leste involved the renovation, extension and fitting out of a building at the Cooperative Café Timor, one of the largest rural non-government primary care providers in the country.
    Birthing Clinic Timor-Leste jwh 2016-08-11 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Aug 05, 2016
    The objective of this project was to establish and assist in the management of a sustainable vegetable garden in order to produce a range of vegetables sufficient to feed all children and staff at the Lily of the Valley Children's Village, Kwa-Zulu, Natal, South Africa.
    The orphanage, Lily of the Valley, (LOV) is situated midway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal, a district known for its natural beauty and known as “The Valley of the 1000 Hills”. LOV cares for about 122 orphans who were mostly orphaned as a result of the Aids epidemic in Africa.
    Vegetable Garden Project South Africa jwh 2016-08-04 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Aug 04, 2016
    Applecross Rotary has a long history of achieving positive outcomes, both in our local community and further afield.
    Chartered on 2 June 1971, with 32 members, the Club has and continues to support and nurture leadership; strive to improve the world and create opportunities for others; and foster friendships.
    Club History jwh 2016-08-03 16:00:00Z 0
    The Rotary Jacaranda Festival is one of our Club's biggest community initiatives and it will return again on Saturday 28 November 2020. 
    It's certainly one of our favourite days of the year, and, judging from the feedback we receive, the Rotary Jacaranda Festival is also a firm favourite among stallholders too!
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    Posted on Jul 29, 2016
    The Rotary Club of Applecross provides assistance with car park and pedestrian management outside the  Perth Makers Market. A market event is held on a Sunday, every 2 months, at the Heathcote Cultural Precinct in Applecross. 
    Perth Makers Market jwh 2016-07-28 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jul 29, 2016
    True Blue Dreaming,,  is committed to supporting and strengthening young lives in rural and remote communities. It is a youth and community development mentoring program engaging young people aged 12-18 in rural and remote Australia. Their programs have been successfully delivered in the Wheatbelt, Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia since 2004. True Blue Dreaming Inc. is a registered not for profit charity.
    SUPPORT jwh 2016-07-28 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jul 25, 2016
    The 2017 Rotary Jacaranda Festival 
    was held Saturday 25 November in Ardross Street, Applecross Village. Perfect weather, over 145 stalls, 2 entertainment stages, a food area, children's area and a many thousands of visitors.
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    Posted on Jun 18, 2016

    Professor Tim Inglis and Dr Barry Mendelawitz Applecross Rotary Members and Project leaders

       Key facts
    • Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.
    • Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, of any age, in any country.
    • Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, but misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is accelerating the process.
    • A growing number of infections – such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, and gonorrhoea – are becoming harder to treat as the antibiotics used to treat them become less effective.
    • Antibiotic resistance leads to longer hospital stays, higher medical costs and increased mortality.
    AMR Awareness Project jwh 2016-06-17 16:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jun 10, 2016
    Interested Young people who live, go to school or work in the City of Melville are invited to contact the Club’s Youth Director for more information about the following opportunities.
    Applecross Rotary Opportunities for Youth jwh 2016-06-09 16:00:00Z 0
    2018 Rotary Art Show and Sale jwh 2016-06-08 16:00:00Z 0
    The Rotary Club of Applecross Inc, and the Rotary Club of Colombo South submitted an application for a Global Grant project to provide Pathology Laboratory Equipment & Training in some hospitals in Sri Lanka. The project was initiated by agreement with the District Governor of D3220 (Sri Lanka) and District Governor Melodie Kevan D9465 (Western Australia).   The Project was approved by the Rotary Foundation on 5 February 2016. Applecross Rotary Project Team Members were Professor Tim Inglis, Dr Barry Mendelawitz and PDG John Kevan.
      Pathology Laboratory Equipment & Training - Sri Lanka 2016 jwh 2016-05-16 16:00:00Z 0
      Posted on May 12, 2016
      The Rotary Club of Applecross is proud to present awards to individuals and organisations that have provided exceptional service in the local community or local business environment. Recipients of these awards can be volunteers or professionals who take great pride in their work but who don't always receive recognition for their love of humanity, free use of their own time, or their goodwill to others. People in business who have provided a very special service and/or who take pride in their work and are a great role model for others can be recognised for their outstanding business ethics and skills.
      2016 Community and Business Awards jwh 2016-05-11 16:00:00Z 0
      Posted on Apr 07, 2016
      We're an eclectic group of approximately 45 men and women between the ages of 20 and 80 who come from all walks of life.
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